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MBCEStore Barcode » Barcode Scanners Omni directional » Metrologic Barcode Scanner Omni directional » Metrologic MS2122 StratosE

Photo of Metrologic MS2122 StratosE
Metrologic logo

Metrologic MS2122 StratosE Barcode Scanner Omni directional

StratosE is the smallest 6-sided Bioptic Scanner in the Market.

StratosE is the most compact 6-sided scanner in the market perfectly suited for space constrained POS applications demanding high throughput 6-sided scanning. Its compact form factor, including a 399 mm (15.7") length and 100 mm (4") below counter depth, is designed to allow easy integration into most of today s seated and standing checkout environments. StratosE is a 6-sided, 360 in counter scanner incorporating Stratos advanced scanning architecture and Stratos decoding software providing high throughput scanning with minimal need for product orientation.


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Part # Description Price Buy
45912 PS/2 Adapter for MS951J17
Call for details
46-46746 PowerLink Power Supply for MS9540 RS-232 versions $24.00
51500 PC/AT 9 Pin Female Cable for MS700i/MS860i $24.20
51501 PC/XT 25 Pin Female Cables for MS700i/MS860i $24.20
45-45593 power supply/AC adapter for MS9540, MS9520 & MS7120. $25.30
45934 110 Volt power supply/AC adapter for MS700i/MS860i $31.80
45935 220 Volt power supply/AC adapter for MS700i/MS860i $31.80
53-53119A RS-232 cable, 27ft, for MS9520 $37.90
45490 MS6130 battery pack $40.20
MX005 Junction Box for MS00i/MS860i $43.10
45483 6' Flex Stand for MS700i $50.50
MI951-D17 RS-232 to AT/XT adapter $63.70
MI951D18 RS-232 to PS/2 adapter $96.35
MK2122ND-60B138 MS2122 StratosE, USB kit. $1014.10
MK2122ND-60B141 MS2122 StratosE, RS-232 Serial kit. $1014.10
MK2122ND-60B109 MS2122 StratosE, OCIA kit. $1014.10
MK2122ND-60B111 MS2122 StratosE, IBM 46XX kit. $1014.10
MK2122ND-60B140 MS2122 StratosE, USB PowerPlus kit. $1014.10

Metrologic MS2122 StratosE Specifications

StratosE is the smallest 6-sided bioptic scanner in the market. designed for high throughput POS applications requiring enclosures around the vertical tower and a cash box in front of the scanner.


MS2122 Stratos®E


  • Accomodates checkstands incoporating narrow enclosures around the vertical tower
  • StratosSWAP™ field replaceable optical scanning modules - for fast, easy onsite repai
  • StratosSYNC™ independent scanning technology
  • StratosSCAN™ 360°, 6-sided scanning technology
  • StratosSPHERE™ advanced decoding software to further increase first pass scanning
  • Lowest below counter dimensions of all 6-sided bi optic scanners

MS2122 StratosE Quick Specs

Depth of Scan Field - horizontal: 0 mm - 152 mm (0” - 6") for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar code
Depth of Scan Field - vertical: 0 mm - 216 mm (0” - 8.5”) for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar code
Scan Speed: 6000 scan lines per second
Minimum Bar Width: 0.152 mm (6 mil)
Dimensions: 399 mm (15.7”) L; 292 mm (11.5”) W; 178 mm (7") H; 100 mm (4") depth below counter
System Interfaces: RS232, Aux. RS232, IBM 468X/469X, USB (low speed and full speed), OCIA
Light Source: Visible Laser Diode 650 nm ± 10 nm

About Metrologic

Designs, manufactures and markets bar code scanning equipment, including hand-held, fixed projection, in-counter and industrial scanners, which incorporate. end tech.

About Barcode Scanners Omni directional

Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner works wih a Laser Barcode Scanner that produces an impressive more than1,650 scans per second, offering more scan speed than the competition, increasing throughput and customer satisfaction.

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