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Photo of Datacard Magna Platinum
Datacard logo

Datacard Magna Platinum ID Card Printer

Magna Class card printers with Advanced Imaging Technology.

Allows you to choose full-color or one-color printing on one or both sides of a card, with the option to add laminates or topcoats for maximum durability. Magna Platinum printer models feature fast print speeds and superb image quality for mid-volume card issuers. All Magna Platinum printers feature Advanced Imaging Technology - the latest breakthrough that leverages optimized print ribbons to dramatically improve the quality and sharpness of images.

Datacard Group s extensive portfolio of card printers includes the Magna Class six high-speed models designed to provide mid-volume card issuance programs with exceptional performance, unsurpassed reliability and simplicity of operation. The Magna Class printers let you choose full-color or one-color printing on one or both sides of a card and the option to add DuraGard laminates or topcoats for maximum card durability and security.


product discontinued
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Part # Description Price Buy
713761-1 Datacard Magna Platinum, Magna Printer, full color, two-sided printing, USB & parallel interfaces. Includes power supply/AC adapter & laminator with overlay. Order cables separately. See accessories. $4626.68
713761-2 Datacard Magna Platinum, Magna Printer, full color, two-sided printing, USB & parallel interfaces. Includes tracks 1, 2 & 3 magnetic stripe encoder, laminator with overlay & power supply. Order cables separately. See accessories. $6205.08

Datacard Magna Platinum Specifications

Your best choice for supplies

Protect the investment you made in a Datacard® Magna™ Platinum™ Series card printer by using only Datacard® Certified Supplies. Our print ribbons, printheads, topcoats, adhesive-backed cards and cleaning supplies are designed specifically for your printer. For you, that means smooth printing, brilliant mage quality, high security and exceptional erformance.

Exclusive ribbons maximize printer performance

Our new, proprietary Platinum™ Series ribbons are designed specifically for use with the Datacard® Magna ™ Platinum ™ Series card printers. The combination of Datacard’s Advanced Imaging Technology ™ with the Platinum Series ribbons produces brilliant, high
quality images. Elaborate and colorful images are easily printed producing unique “edge-to-edge” printed cards. Only Datacard® ribbons create crisp, sharp photos along with graphic designs and ogos in full-color and monochrome.

Magna ™ Platinum ™ Series card printers feature Datacard® proprietary Platinum ™ Series
ribbons which are designed specifically for Magna printers. If another color ribbon is installed,
he printer will continue to prompt he user to install Datacard’s proprietary Platinum Series ribbons.

The printer will only successfully print cards when Platinum Series ribbons are installed. Datacard is your exclusive source for Platinum Series ribbons.

Inline topcoats

To meet your needs for convenient, fast and economical card production our YMCKT and YMCKT-KT color ribbons provide inline application of clear topcoat using the same station that prints your color card image. The topcoat is a clear coating that protects the entire card
face against abrasion, ultraviolet radiation, and chemical attack that can occur during everyday normal card use.

DuraGard® laminates and topcoats

The Magna Platinum Series card printer also has the option of a secondary station for either
Datacard® DuraGard® laminates or topcoats. DuraGard® laminates and topcoats have both been developed specifically to meet your card durability and security requirements.

The DuraGard laminate is a polyester patch that provides the ultimate protection against abrasions, chemicals and other damage or security tampering. Our DuraGard laminates are also available in clear and generic holographic images. Datacard can also help you design a custom holographic DuraGard laminate for your secure card program. These custom DuraGard laminates integrate translucent holographic images and other security features
in every patch.

Datacard also offers topcoat ribbons. Topcoat is available in clear or with generic or custom
holographic images.

Cleaning products

The state-of-the-art continuous cleaning system in the Magna Platinum Series card printers
helps extend the time between maintenance cleaning downtime. This helps to ensure the longest life possible from every printhead.

The cleaning system cartridge includes a drop-in-cleaning roller that is user replaceable.
Replacement cleaning kits are available in several options depending on your cleaning needs. Our cleaning products include cleaning rollers, cleaning cards and cleaning pens for printhead, track and card transport roll cleaning.

Operator-replaceable printheads

Our operator-replaceable printheads reduce the high costs associated with on-site service calls. The printhead simply snaps into place, with no tools or calibration required. The easy panel diagram and instructions allow the operator to install the printhead in seconds, and begin producing cards quickly.




  Printer Model
ImageCard® traGrafix®
Supply Type Tem Number Description Yeld M M2 ML M2L M M2
Platinum™ Series Print Ribbon 549081-202  YMCK 165 X X X X    
  549081-204 YMCKT 135 X X X X    
  549081-206 YMCKT-KT 95   X   X    
Panel Print Ribbons 806124-109 KT 300 X X X X X X
UltraGrafix Monochrome  596230-001 Black 900 X X X X X X
Print Ribbons 596230-002 Dark Blue (PMS 287) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-003 White 825 X X X X X X
  596230-004 Red (PMS 200C) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-005 Process Blue (Process Cyan) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-006 Green (PMS 349) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-007 Silver (PMS 877) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-012 Burgundy (PMS 201C) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-014 Teal (PMS 322C) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-015 Purple (PMS 266C) 900 X X X X X X
  596230-016 Warm Red (PMS 214C) 900 X X X X    
Durability Topcoats and  548237-001 Scratch-off (Silver Wavy) 800 X X X X    
DuraGard® Laminates 557105-001 Clear Topcoat 625     X X    
  557171-001 Clear DuraGard® Laminate 300     X X    
Security Topcoats and 557171-002 Clear DuraGard® Laminate with Smart Card Cutout 300     X X    
DuraGard® Laminates 557104-500 “Genuine Authentic” Holographic Topcoat 625     X X    
  557104-502 “Secure Globe”  Holographic Topcoat  625     X X    
  Custom Custom Holographic Topcoat 625     X X    
  547562-001 “Genuine Authentic” Holographic DuraGard® Laminate 300     X X    
  547562-052 “Genuine Authentic” Holographic DuraGard® Laminate with Smart Card Cutout  300     X X    
  Custom Custom Holographic  DuraGard® Laminate 300     X X    
Cleaning Supplies 549718-001 Cleaning Kit (Includes: 5 cleaning sleeves and 5 cleaning cards) 1,000 X X X X X X
  557668-001 Duplex Cleaning Kit (Includes: 10 cleaning cards for cleaning duplex station only)   12,000   X   X   X
  557492-001 Cleaning Pen (Alcohol felt-tip pen to clean the magnetic stripe reader, card track and printhead)   N / A X X X X X X
Operator-Replaceable Printheads 551953-999 Color Printhead Monochrome Printhead 15,000 X X X X    
  549284-999 Monochrome Printhead 15,000         X X
Accessories 597640-001 StikiCards™ (100 cards/pack)   x x x x x x




About Datacard

More than 30 years ago, we made mass issuance of credit cards economical when we invented systems for high-volume plastic card personalization-forever changing the way consumers conduct transactions. Today, Datacard high-volume card issuance solutions outsell all other brands combined. Datacard Group built on this heritage to redefine secure identity technology. We introduced our first digital photo ID systems more than a decade ago. Since then, corporations, governments and other security-minded organizations have made Datacard the world\'s most popular brand of secure ID solutions.

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