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Photo of Datamax E-4204
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Datamax E-4204 Barcode Printer

Designed for use in Applications where Print Speed is Important.

The Datamax E-Class family is a lightweight, space-saving line of thermal printers designed with leading edge technology for a multitude of label and tag printing applications.These printers are engineered for small size but packed with big features including an advanced 32-bit multi-tasking processor with two megabytes of memory, serial, parallel, and USB communication interfaces, and a three-button control panel. In addition, a full complement of industry standard linear bar codes as well as the complex two-dimensional symbologies such as MicroPDF417, Datamatrix, Maxicode, Aztec, and TLC39 are resident in the printer's memory.


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Part # Description Price Buy
USB-5000-02M USB printer cable, 6ft USB cable (USB 2.0, A to B). Our quality plated USB cable terminals provide excellent transfer rates! Required for host-to-printer communications. $1.69
USB-5000-03M USB printer cable, 10ft USB cable (USB 2.0, A to B). Our quality plated USB cable terminals provide excellent transfer rates! Required for host-to-printer communications. $2.16
PCM-1100-06 Parallel printer cable, 6ft Parallel printer cable. Includes high-quality, flexible PVC jacket. Required for host-to-printer communications. $2.24
32-2300-01 Serial printer cable, Cable (9-Pin Serial) for the E-4203 and Ovation Printers. Required for host-printer communications. $20.41
J22-00-1J100U00 E-4204, Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer, 203 dpi, 4'' print width, 4 ips, serial and parallel interfaces and present sensor. $45.96
78-2278-01 External Ethernet (10baseT) adapter - Plugs into parallel port on printer $288.75
78-2394-01 External Rewinder, up to 4.5 inch label width. Includes US Power Supply. $340.60
J22-00-4J000U00 E-4204, Direct Thermal, 203 dpi, 4'' print width, 4 ips, serial, parallel and USB interfaces, up to 5'' diameter media roll. $356.13
J22-00-1J000U00 E-4204, Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer, 203 dpi, 4'' print width, 4 ips, serial and parallel interfaces and up to 4'' diameter media roll. $404.25
J82-00-1J000U0M E-4204, Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer, 203 dpi, 4'' print width, 4 ips, USB interface and adjustable media sensor. $433.13
J22-00-1J000B00 E-4204, Direct Thermal, 203 dpi, 4'' print width, 4 ips, USB interface, standard media sensor. $452.37
J22-00-4J100U00 E-4204, Direct Thermal, 203 dpi, 4'' print width, 4 ips, serial and parallel interfaces and present sensor. $458.79

Datamax E-4204 Specifications

The Datamax E-Class Family is designed to be the printer of choice when value, performance and features are the primary printer requirements. The E-Class Family consists of the DMX-E-4203, E-4204, and E-4304 printers. E-Class printers are capable of printing a wide variety of labels in applications ranging from small office shipping requirements to compliance and general purpose product identification labels and tags. Hospitals, medical laboratories, automobile service shops, shipping/mail centers, and inventory stock rooms are all typical examples of the types of businesses that can benefit from using the E-Class printers. And with PDF417 and MaxiCode 2D bar code capabilities, the E-Class can print complex transportation symbols and label formats. The E-Class printers are available in both Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer configurations and are available with an options list developed to suit virtually any low- to medium volume label printing application.


The next generation of the Datamax E-Class product line is the DMX E-4204 thermal label printer. The E-4204 was designed for use in applications where print speed is important, and label stock is consumed more frequently. The E-4204 expands on the successful design elements of the Datamax E-Class and adds important capabilities designed to enhance the printer's performance while continuing to provide exceptional value. Available in either direct thermal or thermal transfer mode, the E-4204 is a versatile product designed for performance. The E-Class printers continue to feature a small footprint, sleek enclosure and enhanced printing capabilities to provide exceptional entry-level printers.

The Datamax E-4204 printer offers more speed and more label capacity for demanding sub-industrial printer applications. The power supply on the E-4204 allows print speeds of up to 4 inches per second. The printer's body has been designed to accommodate label or tag stock rolls up to 5 inches in diameter.


• 4 ips print speed

• 4.1" print width

• 3-button, 3-LED control panel for maximum configuration flexibility and printer status indication

• See-through media window

• Flash upgradeable firmware

• Supports 5" outside diameter media roll


• Modular design facilities adding and/or changing options with ease.

• Easy to upgrade and reconfigure for business growth.

• Easy to maintain-easy printhead access for regular cleaning.

• Standard parallel and serial interfaces allow easy integration into your system.

• Optional Ethernet support allows the printer to connect to virtually any host system environment.


E-Class Features



Feature Function Benefit
Wide Access Printhead Printhead mechanism is hinged to provide wide open access Easier to load media and ribbon. Easier to clean.
Flash Memory DPL and additional font capability can be upgraded or enhanced without the need for modifications to the printer or electronics. Easier to remain current. Updates can be made to the printer without the need for replacing EPROMS.
Windows Printer Driver Windows applications have the ability to utilize the E-Class printers as a Windows printer. Users can choose virtually any Windows application software to use with the E-Class.
DPL Utilizes the Datamax Programming Language. Many existing applications support DPL.
3ips, with 4ips option Increased print speed availability. Higher throughput for increased productivity.
Field installable options Memory options, cutter, and sensor simply plug into the front of the printer. Not necessary to "disassemble" the printer just to add options.
Media window Convenient case top window for easy media viewing. Eliminate need to open printer to view media availability.
Serial and parallel communications Industry standard RS-232C and Centronics Parallel ports included for host communication. Off-the-shelf communications cables can be used to provide printer/host connection.
3 button/3 LED control panel A combination of 3 control buttons and 3 LED status lights. Provide a wide range of user configurability and device status indications.
Application specific case tops Standard case-top for thermal transfer configuration and a low profile case-top for direct thermal. Application specific case configurations add to the configurability of the printer.
All popular linear and 2D bar code symbologies Industry standard linear and 2D bar code symbologies are included. Commonly-used bar code symbologies are available and do not need to be added.


E-Class Options

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printing requires the use of a ribbon. The ink/wax from the ribbon transfers to the media by the printer to create an image. Thermal transfer printing provides exceptional clarity and scanability.

External Cutter

The external cutter provides ease of automatic cutting for tags and labels after a label is printed. This feature attaches to the front of the printer.

Present Sensor

The present sensor allows the printer to be configured for "one up" printing. With the sensor installed, the printer will not print the next label until the previous printed label has been removed from the printer.

FLASH Memory Expansion

FLASH Expansion cartridges are used for permanent storage of custom fonts, formats and graphics. The FLASH memory cartridges cannot be used in conjunction with the ILPC option

External Media Supply Stand

The external media supply option allows the use of large media supply rolls, up to 8-inches in diameter, on 1" to 3" cores.


International Print Capability consisting of one of the following:

• CG-Times (western European) Scalable font
• Kanji Gothic B Scalable font
• Simplified Chinese GB Scalable font

External Battery Pack

An external battery pack option is available to power the printer in areas where an AC receptacle is not available such as warehouses, shipping docks, vehicles, or mobile print stations. The battery pack option will allow the printer to operate up to 10 hours on a single charge.

About Datamax

Specializes in the design, manufacture, and marketing of products for bar code and RFID labeling, including thermal demand printers, label, ticket and tag materials, and thermal transfer ribbons. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Datamax has representative offices throughout the United States and in Singapore, China, and the United Kingdom, as well as label converting and preprinting facilities in Robinson, Illinois. Datamax markets its products exclusively through a network of resellers in more than 65 countries worldwide.

About Barcode Printers

Providing wide range of barcode printers and label printers including thermal transfer, direct thermal printers and supplies.Quicker first label out and shorter print times make the printers for bar code up to five times faster than before when processing most variable information.

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