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Photo of Fargo DTC550
Fargo logo

Fargo DTC550 PVC Card Printer

For printing, encoding and laminating ID cards across a large organization..

The most attractive feature of the DTC550 for IT managers is that it plays well with everything else on your network. The DTC550 connects to your based PC through its USB port. It can Windows also be added to your network as easily as any workgroup printer. The optional Ethernet port and internal print server allow you to install and share the DTC550 anywhere you need it. And its print driver provides bi-directional status information, so you can monitor and manage the DTC550 just as you would any other networked printer. The DTC550 is fully compatible with most ID card issuance software. Plus, Fargo can provide a software development kit that will help you integrate the DTC550 into other applications such as security systems and HR databases. Change is a constant in large organizations, and the Fargo DTC550 Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoder gives you tremendous flexibility whenever you need to reconfigure your ID card issuance system. The DTC550 is one of the most versatile ID card printers available, handling a wide range of secure ID card applications; from on-demand photo IDs, to high-volume customer loyalty cards, to sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics. The DTC550 produces high-quality ID cards using two different Direct-to-Card (DTC ) printing methods: dye-sublimation for vivid colors and accurate photographic images, and resin thermal transfer for sharp black text and bar codes that can be easily read by infrared or visible light scanners. You can order the DTC550 with either a single sided or dual-sided print engine. With a variety of options, the DTC550 can print, read/write and laminate up to three different e-card technologies plus magnetic stripe all in a single pass. And that includes encoding smart cards and reading proximity cards. However your card issuance needs change, the DTC550 can adapt, making both your organization, and your technology investment, more secure.


product discontinued

Part # Description Price Buy
86002 Thermal Printhead (for the DTC550)
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86003 Cleaning Kit (for the DTC550)
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86092 Spares Pack (for the DTC550)
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92990 Upgrade Kit (Ethernet with Internal PrintServer) for the DTC550
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91800 DTC550 Printer (Single Sided, 16MB Memory)
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91801 DTC550 Printer (Single Sided with MAG)
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91802 DTC550 Printer (with E Card Docking Station)
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91814 DTC550 Printer (Single Side with HID PROX Reader)
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91820 DTC550 Printer (Dual-Sided)
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91821 DTC550 Printer (Dual-Sided and MAG Stripe with Tracks 1-3)
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91826 DTC550 Printer (Dual-Sided and MAG Encoder/HID PROX Reader)
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91833 DTC550 Printer (Dual Sided Printer with Mifare/Desfire Encoder/ECard)
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91834 DTC550 Printer (Dual Side with HID PROX Reader)
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91840 DTC550-LC Printer-Encoder (Single Sided with Laminator)
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91840 DTC550-LC Printer-Encoder (Single Sided with Laminator)
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91841 DTC550 Printer (Single-Sided with Laminator and MAG Encoder)
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91842 DTC550 Printer (Single-Sided with Laminator and E Docking Station)
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91860 DTC550LC Printer-Encoder (Dual Sided with Laminator)
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91861 DTC550LC Printer-Encoder (Dual Sided, Laminator and Mag Encoder)
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91866 DTC550LC Printer-Encoder (Dual Sided with MAG Encoder, HID Proximity Reader/LAM/ECARD DOC)
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91874 DTC550LC Printer-Encoder (Dual Sided with HID Prox Reader Laminator)
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Fargo DTC550 Specifications

DTC550 Card Printer & System

Combines reliable ID card printing with networking capabilities for secure issuance throughout the enterprise.

  • Flexible design for centralized or distributed ID card issuance in large corporations, service bureaus or large educational institutions.
  • Optional Ethernet connectivity and internal print server integrates with existing enterprise networks.
  • Wide range of features and options for security, productivity, easy management and operation.

DTC550 System

Fargo Secure hardware and software work together with the DTC550 to protect your entire ID card issuance process.

Managing distributed issuance

Fargo Print Security software handles the special security and management challenges of networked ID card printer/encoders.

Purchase Considerations


Are your IT managers skeptical about putting an ID card printer/encoder on their network? With the DTC550, they have nothing to worry about.



SecureVault is unique hardware and software system for protecting an often-overlooked part of card identity systems — materials security. SecureVault tracks the movement and use of blank cards, printer ribbons, holographic films and other sensitive materials.

Preconfigured DTC550 Card Identity System

Fargo system experts have pre-configured best-in-class hardware and software components, so all you have to do is make cards.

Visual Security™ Solutions: Holographic Overlaminates

Add security and durability to your ID cards. Select either a high-secure holographic overlaminate using your own custom image, or a standard holographic globe design.

DTC550 System Video

See how all the components of the versatile DTC550 System printer/encoder, software, materials and accessories work together to produce ID cards for a wide range of applications. Includes demos and an interactive 360° view of the DTC550 printer/encoder.

Print Security Software

Whether your DTC550 printer/encoder operates on a network or as a stand-alone unit, Fargo Print Security software helps keep issuance secure with management and monitoring of card identity system components.

Holographic Foil Cards

These cards feature a tamper-resistant, instantly verifiable foil that’s permanently embedded into the card surface. The foil alone helps make non-laminated ID cards more secure, or it can add another security layer to laminated cards.



Optional Ethernet connectivity

The optional Ethernet port and internal print server give you the flexibility to network multiple printer/encoders in a distributed corporate or service bureau environment. Bi-directional status lets you monitor and manage your Fargo printer/encoders just like other networked printers.

Optional smart card encoding

Comprehensive security applications frequently combine photo IDs with some type of technology or “smart” cards. With optional modules, Fargo’s Professional Series printer/encoders can encode up to three smart card technologies in one pass: contact and contactless smart card, magnetic stripe, and proximity card (read-only).

Optional lamination module

Photo ID cards are often subject to extra wear and tear; especially when they’re used for access control or employee services. The optional lamination module not only makes your cards more durable, it can add a critical layer of security that’s extremely difficult to forge.

Optional dual-sided printing

Dual-sided printing doubles the printable area of your ID cards. That means you can put larger photos on the front, and additional information, bar codes and digitized signatures on the back. Dual-sided printing can also make cards harder to counterfeit.



This is a summary of selected DTC550 specifications.

For complete specs, download the DTC550 spec sheet.


Printing technology:   Dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer
Resolution:   300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
Colors:   Up to 16.7 million / 256 shades/pixel
Print speed:   7 – 36 seconds per card, in batch mode, depending on ribbon type and lamination
Accepted standard card sizes:   CR-80, CR-79
Print area:   Edge-to-edge on CR-80 cards
Input hopper card capacity:   Dual hoppers, 100 cards each (.030” / .762mm thick)
Encoding options:  
  • ISO Magnetic Stripe Encoding, triple coercivity, Lo-Co 300, Hi-Co 2750, Hi-Co 4000,Tracks 1, 2, and 3
  • Contact Smart Card Docking Station
  • Contactless Smart Card Encoder (HID® iCLASS™, MIFARE® and MIFARE DESFire)
  • Contact Smart Card Encoder reads from and writes to all ISO7816-1/2/3/4 memory and microprocessor smart cards (T = 0, T = 1) as well as synchronous cards
  • HID proximity (read-only)
Output hopper card capacity:   100 cards (.030” / .762mm thick)
  • Card lamination module
  • Dual-sided printing
  • Smart card encoding modules
  • Mag stripe encoding module
  • Card hopper lock
  • Ethernet connectivity with internal print server
  • Printer cleaning kit







Purchase Considerations

After you’ve read through all of the features and options, checked the specs, and have seen how the DTC550 fits into a secure card identity system, you ultimately have to ask: Is this the right card printer/encoder for my security applications? As you ponder your purchase decision, here are some things to consider:

Corporations, post-secondary educational institutions, state and local governments all present a diverse array of security needs. The DTC550 provides the adaptability and security you need to meet these challenges, whether it’s physical access to offices or research labs, or logical access to critical networks or databases. With the DTC550’s optional lamination module, you can enhance its Direct-to-Card printing with a holographic overlaminate and Visual Security Elements that are virtually impossible to counterfeit.

The DTC550 offers two important options: Ethernet connectivity, and smart card encoding modules. Networking capability makes the DTC550 a versatile element for distributed card issuance across the enterprise. Smart cards are a smart idea in a wide range of applications. The same card that grants facilities access can also carry biometrics for network access and code for charging lunch in the cafeteria. The DTC550’s optional encoding modules cover all of the major card technologies, from proximity to DESFire. Using the DTC550 to combine identity functions into one multipurpose card not only saves money, it makes your operations more secure.

Card issuance
We can’t say it enough: An ID card is only as secure as the system that issued it. And Fargo makes the world’s most secure card identity systems. They’re built on a common technology platform Fargo’s exclusive SecureMark® Technology that reduces vulnerabilities throughout the system, from storing blank ribbons to password-protecting printers. When you combine the DTC550 printer/encoder with our Print Security Manager™ software and SecureVault™ materials management system, you surround your card issuance process with exceptionally high-level protection.

So who can you trust to help you put all of this together? Trust the real-world expertise of a Fargo Authorized Integrator. Fargo Authorized Integrators are a critical part of your entire card identity system the people who make everything work and help you keep it secure. Fargo Professional Services works in tandem with your Fargo Authorized Integrator to provide expertise and product customization for large, sophisticated card identity systems.

About Fargo

Fargo is the only manufacturer to offer three distinct printing technologies - High-Definition Printing (reverse image), Direct-to-Card printing (dye-sublimation) and CardJet Printing technology (inkjet) to meet the needs of users across a variety of markets. In 2004, the company also launched SecureMark, a combination of hardware, software and processes that are specifically engineered to reduce card identity system vulnerabilities. The companys engineering expertise and knowledge of printing and data encoding technologies have established its industry-wide reputation for technological leadership and innovation.

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