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MBCEStore Barcode » Wireless Barcode Scanners » Hand Held Wireless Barcode Scanner » Hand Held Dolphin 7900

Photo of Hand Held Dolphin 7900
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Hand Held Dolphin 7900 Wireless Barcode Scanner

Mobile Computers.

The Dolphin 7900 Mobile Computer packs all the performance and durability of the Dolphin 9500 and 9550 in a PDA-like, easy-to-use design. The Dolphin 7900 is ideal for change management, customer service, computer-aided ordering, store transfers, voice communications, portable point-of-sale, product information lookup, and dozens of other mobile applications. Designed to provide seamless data and voice connectivity for you and your mobile workers, the Dolphin 7900 features Microsoft? Windows Mobile?, integrated Wireless Full Area Networking? (WFAN) with co-located GSM/GPRS, 802.11b. Bluetooth? radios provide real-time voice and data access anytime, anywhere while ensuring data accuracy and security. And, powered by Hand Held Products' exclusive Adaptus? Imaging Technology, the Dolphin 7900 can be used by the mobile worker to quickly read virtually all bar codes, capture signatures, take photos of damaged goods, and archive and retrieve data quickly.


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Part # Description Price Buy
7900L00-421-C22 Dolphin 7900, 802.11b, Bluetooth FCC, Standard Range, 36 Key, TN5250 DUR CNNCT. Order cradle, cables & power supply separately
Call for details
7900-USB-KIT Dolphin 7900 USB Starter Kit. Includes charging/communications cradle, USB cable, US power supply and line cord
Call for details
7900-HB-1E Charging cradle for the Dolphin 7900 series. Includes US power supply and line cord. RoHS compatible. $200.34
7900L0P-411-C20 Dolphin 7900, 802.11b, Bluetooth Standard Range Imager with laser aim, 25 key. Order cradle, cables & power supply separately. $1546.03
7900L0P-421-C20 Dolphin 7900, 802.11b, Bluetooth Standard Range Imager with laser aim, 36 key. Order cradle, cables & power supply separately. $1546.03
790020P-421-C20 Dolphin 7900, 802.11b, Bluetooth EMEA Standard Range Imager, 36 Key, Standard Memory. Order cradle, cables & power supply separately. $1815.18
7900LUP-421-C20 Dolphin 7900, 802.11b, GSM/GPRS Bluetooth, Standard Range, 36 key, 128MB Hi MEM. Order cradle, cables & power supply separately. $1835.69

Hand Held Dolphin 7900 Specifications

The Dolphin 7900 is our premier industrial PDA. Feature-rich and extremely rugged, the 7900 is optimized for robust mobile applications requiring real-time voice and data communications. Featuring flexible data capture capabilities and device reliability, the 7900 is ideal for applications in transportation and logistics, parcel delivery and field service.

Designed for the Mobile User

Compact size and intuitive ergonomics combine to make scanning, stylus and keyboard data input and voice communication easy.

Industrial Grade

constructed to withstand real-world use in harsh environments, indoors or out.

Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN™)

Integrated Wireless PAN, LAN and WAN communications provide real-time data exchange and multi-voice communication - any time, anywhere.

Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.0

Multifunctional data capture enables linear and 2D bar code reading, scanning of specialty and damaged codes, plus digital image capture.

Shift-PLUS™ Power Management

Powers bar code reading and RF-Intensive applications beyond an entire work shift, allowing uninterrupted data processing and enhanced worker productivity - all while greatly reducing battery replacement costs.


Software Utilities

Power Tools
Power Tools are software utilities on our Dolphin Mobile Computer and Image Kiosk devices that provide several out-of-the-box solutions for application development and deployment, including retrieving device information, customising the user interface, working with the registry, networking, and passing bar code data to applications.

Our Power Tools include:

  • EZMenu, a customizable program launcher that creates application windows that can launch menus, windows and applications. In addition, EZMenu enables you to have control of the user experience and lock them out of the system environment if required.
  • ScanWedge, to capture and send data from the device’s decoder, serial port and IrDA interface to the foreground application as if it were entered via the keyboard.
  • Registry Power Tools, to provide user-friendly interfaces for working with the registry, including registry backup, restore and editing.

This suite of software utilities simplifies configuration management of Dolphin and Image Kiosk devices. Device configuration data is stored in files that can be deployed to your devices via bar codes or a USB PC connection. With EZConfig, you can create a configuration file and deploy it to all of the devices you manage without having to touch each device, ensuring that each device has the same default configuration.

Remote Device Management

SOTI MobiControl
MobiControl is a fully-featured, cost effective remote device management solution for supporting Dolphin® mobile computers and the Image Kiosk 8560/8570™ across diverse network topologies.


Software Provisioning
Remote Control / Helpdesk Toolset
Remote Registry Editor / Task Manager / File Transfer
Diagnostic Image Manager
Screen / Video Capture
Instant Messaging
Network Connectivity
Device Lockdown
MobiControl utilizes checkpoint restart for file downloads and supports file compression of software packages to increase performance over slower connections such as cellular. MobiControl utilizes a Microsoft SQL database and consists of MobiControl Manager, Deployment Server, Package Studio, and a Device Agent.

Terminal Emulation

PowerNet Twin Terminal Emulation Client
Connects WLAN-enabled Dolphin Mobile Computers and Image Kiosks directly to host applications via TN3270, TN5250, or TNVT terminal emulation and industry-standard TCP/IP protocol. Designed specifically for WLAN devices, this software is packed with features that provide customized functionality for wireless data collection including keyboard mapping, automated login capabilities and pass-through printing.

Development Tools

Software Development Kits (SDKs)
These are all the tools developers need to develop rich, powerful Microsoft® Windows Mobile® and Windows® CE applications for Dolphin and Image Kiosk devices. The SDKs contain all of the APIs needed to use the features unique to the devices such as decoding and image capture. In addition, the SDKs support multiple programming languages (C/C++, C# and VB.NET).

  • .NET controls and C++ libraries for imaging, decoding, signature capture, radio management, and IrDA printing
  • C++ library for GSM/GPRS application development in Dolphin Mobile Computers
  • Extensive Visual Studio documentation and help files
  • Application samples including Compact Framework 2.0 support

ITScriptNet™ OMNI
A simple yet sophisticated user interface that makes developing solutions for Dolphin Mobile Computers and Image Kiosk devices both efficient and cost-effective. Developers are empowered to harness the multifunctional data collection capabilities of these devices, including keypad and touch panel input, 1D and 2D bar code scanning and image capture. With the power, flexibility, and ease-of-use of ITScriptNet OMNI, you can create a wide range of data collection solutions for inventory control, asset management, warehousing, retail, meter reading, document tracking, and production tracking.

  • Delivers powerful programming tools such as VB Scripting, conditional branching, indexed validation files and pick lists, and data formatting support for text fi les, Excel, Access databases, and ODBC data sources.
  • Scripting capabilities allow you to control every aspect of your data collection program.
  • Adds sophisticated data validation including Data Masks, First Character Matches, Min and Max lengths, range checking, symbology matches and even look-up files.
  • Enables simulation of your program right on your PC.



Part Number
7900-HB-1 Dolphin HomeBase™ - US Kit Dolphin 7900 charging cradle with USB and serial (RS-232) ports for communications and auxiliary battery well for charging an extra battery. Includes US power cord and power supply.
7900-HB-2 Dolphin HomeBase™ - Euro Kit Dolphin 7900 charging cradle with USB and serial (RS-232) ports for communications and auxiliary battery well for charging an extra battery. Includes Euro power cord and power supply.
7900-HB-3 Dolphin HomeBase™ - UK Kit Dolphin 7900 charging cradle with USB and serial (RS-232) ports for communications and auxiliary battery well for charging an extra battery. Includes UK power cord and power supply.
9500-WMK Dolphin ChargeBase™ Wall Mount Kit Mounting bracket with mounting bolts (Must order two kits per ChargeBase for proper installation.)
7900-MBE Dolphin Mobile Base Dolphin 7900 mobile charging cradle with a serial (RS-232) port for communications. Includes universal mounting bracket. (Must order cigarette lighter power adapter or power cable separately.)
7900-MB-12E Dolphin Mobile Base - Vehicle Kit Dolphin 7900 mobile charging cradle with a serial (RS-232) port for communications. Includes universal mounting bracket and 12V cigarette lighter power adapter.
7900-MB-24E Dolphin Mobile Base - Truck Kit Dolphin 7900 mobile charging cradle with a serial (RS-232) port for communications. Includes two universal mounting brackets and 24-48V direct connect power cable.
9500-QC-1 Dolphin QuadCharger™ - US Kit Dolphin 9500/9550 four-slot battery charging station. Includes US power cord and power supply.
7900-NB-1 Dolphin Net Base - US Kit Dolphin 7900 four-slot Ethernet charging and communications cradle. Includes serial cable and US power cord / power supply.
9500-MC Dolphin Mobile Charger Dolphin 9500 mobile charging solution with cigarette lighter power adapter
20000591-01 Dolphin Battery Dolphin 9500/9550 7.4V, 14.8 Watt Hour Lion Battery Pack
9500-RS232-1 Dolphin 9500/9550 RS-232 Charging and Communications Cable – US kit
9500-USB-1 Dolphin 9500/9550 USB Charging and Communications Cable – US kit
9500-USB-2 Dolphin 9500/9550 USB Charging and Communications Cable – Euro kit
9500-USB-3 Dolphin 9500/9550 USB Charging and Communications Cable – UK kit
7900 Holster Dolphin 7900 Holster with belt loop and pocket for spare battery
7900 Cover Dolphin 7900 Protective Enclosure with clear front and swivel belt clip
7900 Cover/2 Dolphin 7900 Protective Enclosure with swivel belt clip
7900-MM Dolphin Mobile Mount Dolphin 7900 vehicle mounting bracket for use with the Mobile Charger
04800065-02 Dolphin 7900 Hand Strap with easy release clip
100001024 Torx L-key wrench
100001294 Dolphin 7900 QuadCharger™ Power Supply
41206341-11E Dolphin HomeBase™ Power Supply
41206347-01 Dolphin 7900 QuadCharger™ Power Cord - US
41206347-02 Dolphin 7900 QuadCharger™ Power Cord - Euro
41206347-03 Dolphin 7900 QuadCharger™ Power Cord - UK
42206339-01 Dolphin Charge/Comm Cable – RS-232
42206375-01 Cable to directly connect the Hand Held Products IT4600/IT4800/IT5600/IT5800 to Dolphin 7900 mobile computer
42206386-01 Cable to directly connect the Hand Held Products ST5750 to Dolphin 7900 mobile computer
77900507E UK Power Cord for power supply
77900910 6 ft. (1.8m) RS-232 Cable
PC000773 Dolphin Mobile Base Universal Mounting Bracket – Clamp Style
PC000838-03 Dolphin 7900 Stylus Kit – 3 pack
PC000873-02 Dolphin 7900 Stylus Kit w/ tether – 3 pack
7900-MSR Dolphin 7900 MSR attachment for reading encoded data on magnetic stripe encoded credit and identification cards
20000523 Dolphin 9500/9550 Mobile Base Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
42206338-01 Dolphin Charge/Comm Cable - USB
42206352-01 Dolphin Mobile Base Direct Connect Power Cord
77900508E European Power Cord for power supply
80000355 6 ft. (1.8m) USB Cable
Counter/Wall Holder Small,convenient holder for storing a handheld imager when not in use
04800050 Dolphin 9550/9551 wrist lanyard
7900-SCRPROTKITE STD Dolphin 7900 screen protector kit. Includes 15 screen protectors and installation tool.



Service and Repair


Hand Held Products, in conjunction with our Authorized Service Centers, deliver consistent, high-quality service and repair of your products - anywhere in the world.

  • Platinum Service - For large installations with unique repair service requirements, we enable you to build your own optimum service plan to suit your needs.
  • Gold Service - For mission-critical data collection applications, preconfigured spare devices shipped overnight to your location.
  • Silver Service - Guaranteed three-day repair turnarounds to minimize downtime.
  • Bronze Service - Guaranteed turnaround times at a minimal cost.
  • Extended Warranty - When turnaround time is not a key factor, but being covered matters.

Professional Services

Our team of Hand Held Products professionals and business partners can assist you with in-depth solution planning and project execution, ranging from site analyses and consulting to software application development and system installations - all helping ensure that your project goals and long-term needs are met.

Software Services*
Our software consultants and Business Solution Partners work as an extension of your development team to understand your specific application requirements. Once determined, our software engineers will help create custom applications and tools to fit your exact business needs. Software services include:

  • Software project management
  • Software application design and development for batch and wireless environments
  • Middleware interface development
  • Quality control and application debugging
  • Code review
  • Application porting to new environments
  • Application support

In developing software applications, we follow the rigorous industry standard Carnegie-Mellon Software Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM). This modular approach ensures your application is portable and sustainable throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

*Software Services are quoted on a project basis and our end-users always maintain control of
application code.

Remote Device Management Services
Our highly trained staff can help you effectively plan for and deploy your remote device management solution with services including site analysis, consulting, installation and training.

Consulting Services
Hand Held Products can assist you in designing or configuring your data collection system. Our highly trained consulting staff can enhance or supplement your own project team, ensuring a successful implementation. Consulting services include:

  • RF network analyses and site surveys
  • Troubleshooting
  • Software requirements definition
  • Project specification and needs development
  • Software development training for mobile applications

Enterprise Class Services

For customers engaged in large-scale deployments, our Enterprise Class Services provide comprehensive solutions configuration, reporting, and sustainment services for your most complex deployments - all with minimal impact to your internal resources.

Equipment Configuration and Staging (ECS)
Device staging and configuration can be an extremely inefficient process to manage internally. We have the ability to save you time and money, improving your overall ROI—by providing devices completely configured for a full “out of the box” solution. ECS services include:

  • Battery charging
  • SIM Card installation with EMEI reporting
  • SD Card installation and testing
  • Tethered stylus attachment
  • Screen protector installation
  • Terminal emulation loading
  • Custom software application loading and configuration
  • I/O connector cover installation
  • Custom kitting and packaging

Application and Configuration Sustainment
From the day your device leaves our factory until its retirement, we protect the integrity of your unique configuration, ensuring consistent and predictable service and repair—regardless of how long the device has been in service.

  • Service devices are returned with all of your applications and device settings installed.
  • Software updates can be made throughout the lifecycle of your devices, allowing your service package to keep up with you.

Custom Hardware Configuration
Specifically designed for enterprise-class customers with unique requirements, we offer the option to customize your hardware solutions in a variety of ways:

  • Overlays
  • Labeling
  • Keyboards
  • Housing colors
  • Laser-etched marked housing

Drop-Ship Service and Reporting
If you don’t have a central warehouse, or don’t want the hassle of distributing new equipment to multiple locations, Hand Held Products can manage this for you. We have the capability to drop-ship your order to multiple locations and provide you with reports detailing what equipment went to which locations.

About Hand Held

Hand Held Products also holds the distinction of being the worlds leading provider of image-based data collection products - lead by its exclusive Adaptus Imaging Technology. Product solutions powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology offer the end user unsurpassed versatility and value by delivering performance well beyond basic bar code reading. With Adaptus Imaging Technology, customers can read virtually any type of bar code label or tag, capture digital images and signatures, read damaged codes, and so much more, its a whole new level of performance to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

About Wireless Barcode Scanners

True anytime anywhere wireless networking capabilities with WWAN, WLAN-WIFI, WPAN Regardless of what type of wireless communication your workers need throughout the workday, with barcode capabilities.

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