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MBCEStore Barcode » Barcode Scanners Omni directional » Metrologic Barcode Scanner Omni directional » Metrologic IQ185

Photo of Metrologic IQ185
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Metrologic IQ185 Barcode Scanner Omni directional

Automated High Speed Bar Code Scanning.

Overhead, or over-the-belt bar code scanning is a mature market, with systems in operation for over 20 years. Consequently, the product selection criteria hinges not on whiz-bang features, but rather on delivering good performance at a good price. Metrologic has established its reputation on exactly that - good (oftentimes best) performance, at a better price. The iQ-series cameras use a unique, laser-line illumination system that generally results in greater instantaneous depth-of-focus (DOF) than competing cameras. In a sense, it represents a hybrid of a laser scanner (although the laser line is fixed, as opposed to scanned), and a conventional camera. That increased DOF translates into higher read rates on non-ideal package shapes. For systems requiring the 36" DOF of the iQ185, we provide the iQTrace height profiler. It dynamically maps the terrain of the package stream to focus the camera in real time.


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Metrologic IQ185 Specifications

iQ185 is a high speed camera based image acquisition system designed to read 1D and 2D bar codes in stand alone, top/back, or multi-sided tunnel configurations.


  • High-speed, high-resolution linear CCD based camera
  • 1D and 2D bar code scanning
  • Built in co-planar laser illumination
  • Dynamic focus and zoom
  • Constant resolution over entire DOF
  • Label image capture and display
  • Video coding
  • Low operating cost
  • Compact modular design for easy mounting above, beside, or below the conveyor belt

iQ185 Quick Specs

Depth of Field: 1370 mm to 2325 mm (53.8" to 91.5 ") @ 150 DPI
Field of View: 1040 mm (41") @ 150 DPI
Scan Speed: up to 14,000 lines/sec @ 2.7 meters/sec (540 feet per minute) for 150 DPI
Orientation: Omnidirectional
Minimum Bar Width: 2D PDF-417: 0.26 mm (10) @ 150 DPI
1D/2D: 0.28 mm (11 mil) @ 150 DPI
Dimensions: 394 mm L x 527 mm W x 222 mm H (15.5"x20.8"x8.8")
System Interfaces: Bar code: RS232, Point to Point RS422, fiber optional
Image: Ethernet, LVDS optional, fiber optional
Light Source: Co-planar, multi-laser illumination (50,000 hours MTBF)
Weight: 27 kg (60 lbs)
Contaminants: Protects against dust, falling dirt, and dripping non-corrosive liquid

About Metrologic

Designs, manufactures and markets bar code scanning equipment, including hand-held, fixed projection, in-counter and industrial scanners, which incorporate. end tech.

About Barcode Scanners Omni directional

Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner works wih a Laser Barcode Scanner that produces an impressive more than1,650 scans per second, offering more scan speed than the competition, increasing throughput and customer satisfaction.

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