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Barcode Scanner

Improves productivity by reducing the need to rescan bar codes or key in data, resulting in shorter lines at the retail point of sale with all variety of barcode scanner from a pend, handheld, wand, counter-top, in counter, industrial, laser, ccd, imager 2d, raster, serial rs2323, keyboard wedge, ps2, and wireless options RF, wifi 802.11b or gprs scanners.

Barcode Scanner

All Barcode Scanner Manufacturers

Datalogic Barcode Scanner Datalogic Barcode Scanner
Datalogic's product range covers hand-held and fixed-position bar code readers using both laser and CCD technologies. Datalogic's offer also includes one of the widest ranges of mobile computers for data collection available on the market. Furthermore, through its subsidiaries Escort Memory Systems (Scotts Valley, California) and Informatics (Dallas, Texas), Datalogic provides RFID solutions for the entire supply chain with a leading position in the automotive sector, electronic manufacturers and warehouse management systems (WMS). In addition, with the recent acquisition of Laservall, the Group has entered the laser marking sector, that features extensive applications and outstanding growth prospects..
Hand Held Barcode Scanner Hand Held Barcode Scanner
Hand Held Products also holds the distinction of being the worlds leading provider of image-based data collection products - lead by its exclusive Adaptus Imaging Technology. Product solutions powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology offer the end user unsurpassed versatility and value by delivering performance well beyond basic bar code reading. With Adaptus Imaging Technology, customers can read virtually any type of bar code label or tag, capture digital images and signatures, read damaged codes, and so much more, its a whole new level of performance to meet the demands of an ever-changing world..
Intermec Barcode Scanner Intermec Barcode Scanner
Intermec develops, manufactures and integrates wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag RFID (radio frequency identification) and mobile computing systems for companies worldwide. Its total solution approach offers companies assurance that, with Intermec\'s network of leading technology partners, Intermec and its team can provide complete answers to companies\' supply chain information requirements, from concept to completion..
Metrologic Barcode Scanner Metrologic Barcode Scanner
Designs, manufactures and markets bar code scanning equipment, including hand-held, fixed projection, in-counter and industrial scanners, which incorporate. end tech..
Opticon Barcode Scanner Opticon Barcode Scanner
The North American arm of the worldwide Optoelectronics organization, has been a leader in the bar code scanning industry for over twenty years. Opticon is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of automated identification and data collection systems, using ISO 9002 certified manufacturing facilities to provide a wide range of bar code scanning products..
Posiflex Barcode Scanner Posiflex Barcode Scanner
Established in 1984, POSIFLEX is now an industry leader in advanced point-of-sale hardware design and manufacturing. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown from one flagship to 27 subsidiaries worldwide in addition to an increasing number of distributor and reseller partners within each region..
PSC Barcode Scanner PSC Barcode Scanner
Leading manufacturer of bar code scanning and data collection technologies. Also corporate site for Percon..
Symbol Barcode Scanner Symbol Barcode Scanner
Symbol is a recognized leader in providing mobility products and solutions that make people more effective by keeping them connected to business applications and processes both inside and outside the workplace. Symbol now is Motorola Symbol. By enhancing your most important business applications so that people can be more productive and efficient, Symbol enables companies everywhere to move forward with confidence and success..
Unitech Barcode Scanner Unitech Barcode Scanner
nitech was founded in 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan, to provide the local market with customized microprocessor-based automation systems. For the past twenty years, Unitech has been focusing on automatic data collection products and services to enhance productivity and efficiency. In 1985 we successfully launched our AIDC product lines, which have been growing ever since. Today, we manufacture a full range of AIDC products, including barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, portable and fixed terminals, and a variety of keyboard products..
Zebra Barcode Scanner Zebra Barcode Scanner
Zebra Technologies is a leading global provider of rugged and reliable specialty printing solutions, including on-demand thermal bar code label and receipt printers and supplies, plastic card printers, RFID smart label printer/encoders, certified smart media, and digital photo printers. With the most recognized brand in the automatic identification industry and the most complete product line, Zebra solutions are used by more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 and global 2000 companies to improve business processes, increase productivity, and strengthen security. Over five million Zebra printers have been sold worldwide.

Barcode Scanner Overview

What is a Barcode Scanner?

A Barcode Scanner is a input device used to captured information using ccd, laser o imager techology that read information on printed barcodes for products identification . Barcode Scanner are perfect choice to increase throughput at retail, warehouse management for assets tracking, manufacturing center for distribution control, checkout counter for assets,inventory tracking, hospital control medications and pacients at the pharmacy, Access control, comercial and industrial applicattions. Barcode is a technology for automatic identification that allow to collect data acurately.

How a Barcode Scanner work ?

A Barcode Scanner scans using laser, ccd or imager technology . After barcode is ready, the scanner can read symbols and spaces of the printed barcodes, then send data as analog signal or electrical output to Decoder . Decoder translate electrical input to a computer readable format. And finally you can use this information in a compatible applicattions as custom inventory, asset tracking, retail, Access, Excel, and Word.

How benefits using Barcode Scanner ?

Easy with A Barcode Scanner save time, improve operational efficiency, reduce input errors and save money.

Barcode Scanner Characteristics

A Barcode Scanner can use different technologys for data adquisition, for lights and heavy data input. Barcode Scanner types include:

  • CCD Barcode Scanner
  • LED Barcode Scanner
  • Laser Barcode Scanner
  • Imager Barcode Scanner
  • Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner

Aditionally exist 2D symbologies or two-dimensionally that can help to save more large amounts of data in a barcode scanning . incorporate a CCD camera in order to read matrix of points, check the following types of Barcode Scanner:

  • 2D Barcode Scanner
  • PDF 417 Barcode Scanner
  • Data Matrix Barcode Scanner
  • Aztec code Barcode Scanner

A Barcode Scanner can use differents interfaces according with your hardware requirements or interface selection:

  • Corded
  • USB Barcode Scanner
  • PS2 Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanner
  • RS-232 Serial Barcode Scanner
  • Ethernet Barcode Scanner
  • Cordless RF Wireless
  • RF / Cordless / WLAN / WIFI / DSS / IR /Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Batch Barcode Scanner
  • Portable Barcode Scanner
  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

A Barcode Scanner can fit differents sizes and choices available, select understading your enviroment and aplicattion. From portables / handheld, portables, vehicle fixed mount . Barcodes design types include:

  • Portable Barcode Scanner
  • Handheld Barcode Scanner
  • Pen / Wand Barcode Scanner
  • Wearable Barcode Scanner
  • Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner Types

CCD Barcode Scanner

A CCD Barcode Scanner can read barcodes quickly, work as Laser Barcode Scanner, but with some limitations. Can read at short range no more than 3 inches of the printed barcode. The barcode is generally illuminated by a photocells diodes built into the scanner. The CCD Barcode Scanner has a limited width for sizes of barcodes and cannot will read. To use CCD Barcode Scanner, hold scan button, point to barcode and release button. This is more slow in comparison with Laser Barcode Scanner readings, but more atractive by low price and are used commonly in point of sale applications for scanning purposes.

Laser Barcode Scanner

A Laser Barcode Scanner are the most popular. Work same that pen readers with a single photodiode designed to emit and detect. The laser source light is tuned in a specific frequency permitting that recognize light reflected back from the barcode.To use a Laser Barcode Scanner , hold scan button, point barcode and release button. A Laser Barcode Scanner can read printed barcodes from 6 to 30 feets away vary by model as standard, long range and extra long range. Suitable for high work activities it can read quickly and accurately, available for rugged applications at affordable price.

Imager Barcode Scanner

A Imager Barcode Scanner use a CCD video camera to capture an image and then use sophisticated image decode techniques to interpret two-dimensional (2D) and PDF417 printed barcodes, . A Imager Barcode Scanner use hundreds row of sensors to read large amount of data contained in data point matrix. To use Imager Barcode Scanner simply point 3 to 9 inches away barcode, hold and release button, data will be readed quickly and accurately. Its ideal for a wide spectrum industry like postage, sending and receiving.

Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner

An Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner use same technology like Laser Barcode Scanner but adding reflectives mirrors to enable read printed barcodes in any angle. A Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner its ideally for retail express checkout, point of sale. To use simply put barcode in a free view mirror and obtain information quickly, not needed hold or release button.

2D Barcode Scanner

A 2D Barcode Scanner are more newest reader available, use small video camera to capture points of data matrix or a barcode image based called two dimensionals (2D). a 2D Barcode Scanner work with internal decoder to translate image to a pc readable format. Ideally for shippings, delivery and postal mail aplicattions.

PDF 417 Barcode Scanner

A PDF417 Barcode Scanner its excellent for decoding two dimensionals barcodes of large amount data.

Data Matrix Barcode Scanner

A Data Matrix Barcode Scanner can read barcoded that hold and handle big amounts of data, and are specially designed for small sizes.

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