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The North American arm of the worldwide Optoelectronics organization, has been a leader in the bar code scanning industry for over twenty years. Opticon is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of automated identification and data collection systems, using ISO 9002 certified manufacturing facilities to provide a wide range of bar code scanning products.

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0. Opticon LA 115-119 Barcode Scanners
Starting at
Opticon LA 115-119
The extruded, seamless, stainless steel case withstands drops and rough handling.
The 119 ScannerRugged, durable case, Double spiraled, “High-Flex” cable Spring loaded, ruby ball tip, Reads through laminates, Operates in extreme temperatures, Works with most standard decoding devices. LA 119 wands are built to take a real beat Experien
1. Opticon LA 220 Barcode Scanners
Starting at
Opticon LA 220

The LA 220 "Smart" Wand has an internal decoder eliminating the need for a separate decoder box.
2. Opticon LA 220 Barcode Scanners Opticon LA 220
''Smart'' Wand has an internal decoder eliminating the need for a separate decoder box.
The LA 220 Internal decoder and interface, Auto-discriminates among major bar code symbologies, Optional LED indicator light; optional On/Off switch, Entirely replaceable ruby ball tip & cable, Bar code menu programmable. The LA 220“Smart” Wand has a b
3. Opticon LC10M Badge Card Readers
Starting at
Opticon LC10M Badge
lot Reader can have two slot readers in one - both a magnetic stripe reader and a barcode
The LC 10M Series Reads both bar code and magnetic, stripe in one slot reader, Fully decoded: Keyboard wedge, RS232 or USB interface, Choice of reading height for bar codes, Multiple mounting options, available within one configuration, Auxiliary scanner
4. Opticon LG 7335 Barcode Scanners
Starting at
Opticon LG 7335
High performance, dual purpose imager
The LG 7335 Series Reads linear and 2D symbologies, Adjustable AutoSensor RS232, USB and Keyboard Wedge interfaces Rugged, lightweight and durable LED guided targeting for locating desired bar code Ergonomic design. The LG 7335 is a high performance, d
5. Opticon LG2 Wireless Barcode Scanners
Starting at
Opticon LG2
Not only does it read all the common 2 dimensional and matrix barcodes.
The LG2 Reads all common linear and 2D symbologies, Omni-directional decoding Image capture capability RS232, USB or Wedge (PS/2) interface Rugged, lightweight and durable Laser-guided targeting for locating desired bar code Choice of configurations Cord
6. Opticon LGP 1125-5125 Barcode Scanners
Starting at
Opticon LGP 1125-5125

The LGP 1125-5125 scanner incorporates the new connectivity standard into an aggressive, rugged handheld CCD scanner resulting in the ideal scanner for PC connectivity. One scanner works with any manufacturers PC. No need to hunt for a specific cable or c
7. Opticon LGP1125 Barcode Scanners Opticon LGP1125
Plug and Play USB Scanner LPG Series.
Use the LGP1125 scanner, One step installation, Fuctions like a wedge scanner; keyboard emulation, Eliminates need for a special connectors, Install without powering down your PC, Multiple scanners can be used on the same PC, Needs no external power suppl
8. Opticon LGZ Series Barcode Scanners
Starting at
Opticon LGZ Series
Fully programmable
The LGZ SEries ScannerLaser performance with CCD durability (5-Year Warranty), Reads from contact to 12” or more, 300 scans per second, Fully programmable, Adjustable handle reduces stress. The LGZ Series of Handheld CCD scanners offer the durability and
9. Opticon LPG6125 Barcode Scanners Opticon LPG6125
Easy to use is the major importance of the OPT series.
LGP 6125 Significantly improved decode techniques. Highly ergonomic design and styling Lightweight for continuous use. Low power consumption; Ideal for use with portable terminals. Fast 200 scans/second. Outstanding performance. The new styling represents
10. Opticon LPN1736 Barcode Scanners Omni directional
Starting at
Opticon LPN1736
Omni-directional laser scanner is one of the smallest.
The LPN1736 Omni-directional scanning 1000 scans per second, 3" x 3" footprint, Flexible mounting options Multiple on-board interfaces, AutoSense operation, Concentrated 20-line scan pattern.
The miniature LPN 1736 omni-directional laser scanner i
11. Opticon OPD7435 Barcode Scanners Opticon OPD7435
A dual performance scanner built for any environment.
The OPL 7435 is a 2D reader that benefits from having the lowest power comsuption in it´s class. As well as supporting traditional linear and 2D/Matrix codes, the OPD 7435 can also decode composite codes, such as RSS-14-CC-A. It is an ideal solution for
12. Opticon OPL 9728 Barcode Scanners Opticon OPL 9728
The Opticon OPL 9728 delivers scanning power and the convenience of IrDA wireless.
The OPL 9728 is equipped with a alpha-numeric keypad and a graphical display. It is standard equipped with integrated barcode lasser scacanner memory, a real-time clock and supplied with a rechargable battery. The OPL 9728 has Keypad with cellphone look a
13. Opticon OPL-9724 Barcode Scanners Opticon OPL-9724
The Opticon OPL 9724 delivers scanning power and the convenience of Bluetooth wireless
The OPL 9724 is equipped with bluetooth interface and offers secure wireless communation. This model is equipped with 3 keys and graphical display, integrated barcde laser scanner, 128 KB memory, a real-time clock and suppliedwith a rechargeable battery.
14. Opticon PHL 1300 Terminals Opticon PHL 1300
Power and endurance in a compact PDT.
The PHL 1300 is the smallest(132x55x33mm by dimensions) among the PHL terminal series. It has an integrated bar codes lasers scanner. Feactures are: 16 bit MPU, 8MB memory, graphic LCD display, multifuctional keypad and IrDA interface.
The PHL 1300
15. Opticon PHL-2700 Terminals Terminals
Starting at
Opticon PHL-2700 Terminals
The PHL-2700 terminal is a programmable handheld terminal, well suited for a variety of in
The PHL 2700 Handheld terminal has an integrated bar code laser scanner, It has 16 bit MPU, 8MB memory, graphic LCD display, alpha-numeric keypad, 8 function keys and IrDA interface, Laser scan engine, Rechargeable battery pack or Alkaline batteries, Enea
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