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Star Printers

For over 50 years, Star Micronics has been a world-wide leader in the manufacture of audio components, thermal POS receipt, label/barcode and impact printers.

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Full Star Products

0. Star DP8340 Barcode Printers
Starting at
Star DP8340
Dot Matrix Reliable Receipt and Transaction Printers
The DP8340 have some benefits, 40-Column, 9-pin dot matrix printer, black and red printing on the same line, ideal printer for POS, data logging applications, Sprocket model (DP8340S), popular cost effective printer.
The Dp8340 is Ideal Also for:PO
1. Star Labels Receipt Paper Star Labels

Receipt paper rolls and ribbon for all Star receipt printers.
2. Star Receipt Paper Receipt Paper Star Receipt Paper

Receipt Paper for all Star receipt printers.
3. Star SCP700 Barcode Printers
Starting at
Star SCP700
ThermalReceipt/Label & Impact Slip Combination Printer
The SCP700 Stanfd Alone Printer Unit (with or without the optional power supply) and SCP700D-Printer with Customer Display(With or without the optional power supply).
The SCP700 Satand Alone Printer Unit(with or witout the optional power supply) it
4. Star SP200 Point of Sale Printers
Starting at
Star SP200
SP200 Captive Paper Holders
The sp200 is Ideal for credit authorization terminals (CAT) and data logging systems. The SP200 are high speed, single color (purple or black) or two color (black/red) printers with built-in Verifone 200 emulation which are ideal for credit authorization
5. Star SP2000 Point of Sale Printers
Starting at
Star SP2000
The SP2000 dot matrix impact printer is a high performance printer ideal for a varielty of POS applications from elegant digning estabishments to your local corner deli. The SP2000 is positioned inn a class with popular sp300 printers, but has the footpri
6. Star SP212 Point of Sale Printers Star SP212
Basic Low End, Dot Matrix Receipt Printer
The SP212 series is a two colors printing on select models, with internal power supply and small footprint. The printer Star SP212 benefits include tea bar and auto-cutter versions available with with either single or 2 color printing, print customer and
7. Star SP298 Barcode Printers
Starting at
Star SP298
Fast, Reliable, Cost Effective Slip Printers.
The SP298 is AutoSide Loading for quick & easy document loading, Bi directional serial impact printer capable oif printing graphics using a higly reliable 9-pin print head. Up to 3.1 lines per second with bi-directional check mode.
Ideal for print
8. Star SP300 Point of Sale Printers
Starting at
Star SP300
High Speed Reliable Dot Matrix Printers
The SP300 Series, has Adjustable Paper Widths, Internal International Character Sets Available and Tear bar and auto-cutter versions available, Open frame with presenter version available for unattended applications. Reduce wait time with its printing spe
9. Star SP500 Point of Sale Printers
Starting at
Star SP500
The SP500 is Benefit in the Mach model to your application
The SP500 from Star Micronics combines renowed reability and a multitude of high-end feactures into as compact, value-driven solution.it has splash proof cover, Single Color highlight, power switch cover, Internal Universal power supply, Print Graphics, b
10. Star TSP100 Point of Sale Printers Star TSP100
High Performance, Dot Matrix Receipt Printer
TSP100 Consist in Fully Loaded, Internal Universal Power supply, Drop in and print, Auto install Drivers, Digitally Signed by Microsoft, Complete Software Solutions. Ideal for: Update & Replace any exisiting text field, Crop Your receipt and remove white
11. Star TSP1000 Point of Sale Printers Star TSP1000
Versatile, High Capacity, Thermal Printer with Receipt / Ticket Stacker
The TSP 1000 high capacity direct thermal printer offers support of up to 7" diameter paper roll that is perfect for high voulume applications. The integrated ticked/document stacker aids in shorting multiple tickets/documents where batch printing is requ
12. Star TSP200 Point of Sale Printers Star TSP200
Thermal Printers high-speed
The TSP200 Series are high-speed, silent, receipt printers with high resolution packaged in a very compact housing. The printers offer a captive paper roll holder and a metal tear bar. An autocutter is available for applications when a tear bar is ins
13. Star TSP2000 Point of Sale Printers Star TSP2000
Thermal drop-in-and-print
The TSP2000 thermal printer offers a wide variety of features at an affordable price. Designed for virtually any point-of-sale (POS) application, the TSP2000 is compactly designed to fit in even the smallest footprint, comes in putty and charcoal an
14. Star TSP400 Barcode Printers
Starting at
Star TSP400

The TSP400 has been especially designed to produce high quality entrance tickets to museums, theaters or cinemas on plain or pre-printed ticket stock up to 150um in Thickness.
The Tsp400 is also capable of printing a variety of resident barcodes an
15. Star TSP600 Barcode Printers
Starting at
Star TSP600
Thermal printeroffers the latest technology advancements, with performance and features
The TSP600 is the first low cost, high speed thermal printer to offer two color printing support, drop-in and print paper loading. LogoStore for internal graphics and coupon storage, Plus recessed cable connectors and tear bar or automatic cutter options.
16. Star TSP700 Barcode Printers
Starting at
Star TSP700
Ultra hight Speed, Thermal Printer
The super fast TSP700 2- color thermal printer is packaged in a small footprint and si ideal for POS, credit card, restaurant, bar code, hospitality mand kiosk applications.
Bussines can really benefit from the ultra high print speed. The TSP700 en
17. Star TSP800 Barcode Printers
Starting at
Star TSP800
Ultra High Speed Thermal Printers
The Tsp800 thermal printers are packaged in a small footprint and are ideal for POS, reports, credit card, restaurant, kiosk and label/ticket applications. Its 4.4" wide paper width facilitates much more information on a receipt than conventional 3" paper
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